Which sport to soothe his emotions?

A blues? Play volleyball or dance zumba! A rise of anger? Try aikido or archery! At each state of mind there is a physical activity that will help you to tame it gently.

Agnès Rogelet

To be moved and to move. The two verbs, from the Latin movere , "stir", remind us that an emotion is a setting in motion. Anger makes us want to strike with a fist, the fear breaks the breath, the sadness triggers tears, the bitterness makes cogitate ?? ... Any agitation of the soul changes the heart rate, breathing, temperature body, hormonal secretions, blood pressure, muscle and brain activity, just like sports. This is why, when we are overwhelmed by a certain negativism, physical exercise can rebalance us.

"An emotion is fleeting enough, but when it settles permanently, it no longer plays its role of alarm, becomes a mood, then a temperament," says coach and trainer Ilios Kotsou Number of our behavior, whether it is to make a decision or to speak with strangers, is then governed by sadness, anger, fear or bitterness, states of soul that it is important to channel. The interest of sport is at first physiological. Physical activity consumes cortisol, a stress hormone, so it does not consume us. It produces endorphins, hormones of well-being that we need not to let our negative reactions direct our lives. It is also a carrier of values ​​conducive to a better state of mind. "Passing the energy of emotion through the body allows it to express itself without necessarily trying to control it. Then we can look at it from another angle and give it meaning, "assures the coach and martial arts master Karim Ngosso. Let's move in a mindfulness , "mindfulness" spirit. By developing a certain acuity of gesture, we open another channel of expression to transform our emotional life. Identify the dominant emotion that tinges our temperament, and take advantage of the summer to try the most adapted physical activity: the one that pushes us into our entrenchments to better develop ourselves. Do not forget to be attentive to the pleasure that this setting in motion gives us: good humor, physical ease, self-esteem, creativity, sociability. Thousand and one rays of sun.


Cultivate enthusiasm!

The false good idea . Go to salsa with strangers.Forcing yourself to not be sad is essential to regain the flavor of joy, but it is better to be coached or accompanied by relatives to not feel too out of step in a fun atmosphere, at the risk of getting tired quickly.

What you need . Action and contact, because sadness tends to engender immobility and withdrawal. It is not a question of "shaking" oneself, but rather of forcing oneself "to" enter the dance "and to be carried away by the communicative smile of its partners. Imperfection and the distribution of responsibilities will prove beneficial for those who tend to take refuge in depression and to depreciate.

Which sports? Enjoy the sun and the beach to improvise beach volleyball games As a family, returning the ball leaves little respite (jumps, moves) and creates a complicity within the team - in principle, it is played two against two. Skipping rope with children for fun Physical activity in music, such as zumba (zumba.com) or Swedish gym (gymsuedoise.com), are also fun and tonic, why not register For the joggers - in the long run, this sport is more effective than an antidepressant - the summer is the opportunity to practice in the heart of nature with friends who run at the same pace as you.


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