10 Exercises to stay young in mind and body

Cultivating curiosity, openness to others, but also mental and physical flexibility ... We asked our experts their advice for keeping fit and getting full of energy.

Marie-Laurence Grézaud

Build projects

"Developing a project and investing in it will keep your mind sharp, alert, curious, but also live and enriching relationships with others", says Béatrice Millêtre, doctor in psychology and author of Six Keys to finally feel in her place (Payot, 2014). Unlike a dream or a simple desire, a project involves the clear definition of a goal and the inventory of the means to implement to achieve it. Another decisive criterion: a motivating project always starts from our desire and agrees with our values. Two factors that guarantee its longevity and give meaning and importance to our choices.

1. Make a list of your interests and activities with which you are in affinity (culture, humanitarian, sport, a change of lifestyle ...).

2. Ask yourself what purpose you would like to achieve your project. The more meaning this goal has for you, the more likely the project will succeed and flourish.

3. Plan as concretely as possible the steps of the realization.

Neutralize your regrets

According to Frédéric Fanget, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, doing what is essential for us is the sine qua non condition for aging well. In order not to accumulate regrets, he proposes to project us to the last moments of our life, to better use our time. Try to imagine that you will die in the day and ask yourself two questions:

1. What am I most proud of in what I realized? Choose what you would like us to say to your eulogy (your qualities, your achievements ...). Then think about how to put your ideal more into practice.

2. What is my biggest regret? "I should have cared more about my children", "I have not traveled enough" ... As many regrets that emerge new goals, those who will give meaning to your life. Then list everything you can put in place to achieve these goals and start today to implement one of these resolutions.

Mime the Turtle's Head

"This longevity exercise helps to relax the cervical vertebrae and the body as a whole," says Nadine Crégut, qi gong teacher and author of Qi gong to slim down , the lightness of being (Guy Trédaniel Éditeur, 2004).It improves blood circulation in the carotid and cerebral arteries as well as in the cerebrospinal fluid. This enhances memory and concentration, and could prevent the risk of stroke and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's).

1. Standing or sitting, place your tongue against the palate.

2. Tuck your chin up, pushing your head up and lifting your shoulders slightly.

3. Project the chin forward.

4. Bring the chin down to the sternum, dropping the shoulders. These movements (slow, flexible and without pause, made without forcing) draw a kind of minicircle, "as if the turtle was drinking water from the lake, then, in the other direction, as if spitting water." The upper back and the shoulders are very slightly dragged by the movement. To practice every day twenty times in each direction.


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