Why singing does good

We are from more and more people singing, not just in the privacy of our bathroom. Fancy? Not only. Singing also allows us to open up to our emotions and to express them by playing on the register of our own inner score.

Marie Auffret-Pericone

Would we have contracted the virus of singing? Solo in our car, in the choir of our neighborhood, on the set of the "Star Ac", with experienced teachers or friends, we are more and more numerous to love to hear and make our voices heard. seems to be a craze for singing today, "confirms singer and songwriter Catherine Braslavsky. This is not surprising because singing is a lot of good city dwellers often stressed that we are.

Would it be so easy to please? "Sincerely, the singer emphasizes, I do not think there is a part of ourselves that is not touched by singing: body, emotion, mental ... vibrations of the song synchronize us, harmonize us, we feel "unified" as if by a massage, not to mention a spiritual dimension ... We have our feet firmly anchored in the ground, but our voice raises us. spirituality is also very present.We feel carried by the voice of others.

Listen to his inner voice

Former researcher in mathematics, Catherine Braslavsky is the living proof that the voice is a tool that is forged and can evolve, Even as an adult, she herself began to work seriously on her "little trickle of voice" at the age of 26. Hard to believe when you heard her pure tone playing this winter on the stage. Théâtre de l'île Saint-Louis, in Paris, his compositions inspired are sacred traditions of the Mediterranean. But this passionate is convinced: everyone is able to sing right. At the price of a little technique and provided to listen to his "little inner voice", the one humming in us when we wake up in the morning with a small air in the head.

"Our body knows how to sing," confirms Philippe-Nicolas Melot, who refuses the title of "singing teacher" and prefers to say that he "helps to give birth to the voices". adapted consciousness, to lift the blockages and to circulate the energies, that we spend, but that we also win by singing.I saw the actor Jacques Weber arrive at a session completely emptied and leave an hour and a half later humming in the yard ... Singing is really euphoric. "

" In singing, more than the "beauty" of the voice, it is its relationship with the emotion that touches us, "says Catherine Braslavsky.In other words, before making beautiful sounds, it is first to focus on his own feelings, to refuse the dictates and find his own voice, without trying to imitate the tone of another ...

Physical and psychic well-being

Good news for all those who want to sing: there is no need for special musical knowledge to draw physical and mental well-being from his voice. And age does not change anything. "Singing has been a therapy for me, I feel like I've always done it." Child, singing soothed me and allowed me to channel my overflow of energy and a certain violence, "says Sylvie Kapeluche, who has since never ceased to sound her voice of light soprano - she celebrates this year his thirty years of stage. Without going so far, singing is sometimes part of a real lifestyle.

"If I practice my job as a German teacher with so much pleasure and without too much stress, it's because I sing in choir once or twice a week," says Christine, 40. This practice It helped me to learn to put my voice better, which is very useful for me when I have to raise the tone.Controlling my voice by avoiding skidding in the highs also allows me to remain master of me. "

Not to mention the physical well-being that all the singers insist on. "After two hours of singing, I'm emptied, like after doing sport, and I sleep like a baby, it's my yoga," says Christine "The work of the breathing is very physical, explains Catherine Braslavsky.The inspiration starts from the belly, goes up to the clavicles.Then the thorax empties and the sound slips and leans on the breath. we really feel like we're riding this wave of breath. "


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