Acupuncture to prepare for childbirth

To relieve the ills of pregnancy, but also to prepare for childbirth, more and more women are turning to acupuncture . A preparation that relies heavily on prevention and is structured around three main sessions, each trimester of pregnancy.

Anne-Laure Vaineau

Thanks to a few very fine needles (7 to 8 maximum) to stimulate precise points of the body, acupuncture serves a dual purpose: to ensure the free circulation of energies in the body and restore harmony between yin and yang. These 365 points in total, are located along the main meridian twelve, invisible channels where the energy flows. "In acupuncture, explains Benoît Le Goëdec, acupuncturist midwife and author of The preparation at birth (First Editions), we work on the body, but also on the heart and the mind, because we consider that each organ has a bodily, emotional and psychic life. " The work of the acupuncturist is therefore to help his patient maintain or restore the harmony between these three elements. Thus, it can as well relieve physical discomfort that appease anxieties or states of stress.

A full birth preparation

During pregnancy, yin and yang are more difficult to balance because the body changes, requires a lot of energy, but also that certain organs are particularly solicited. By turning to acupuncture to prepare for their delivery, women make the choice of an alternative medicine, very attentive to their feelings, but also very intimate and personal, because the sessions are individual. Neither the future dad nor other pregnant women are present. Practiced by a growing number of midwives, acupuncture is now considered a real preparation for birth. Provided always that a time of listening and information on the childbirth remains preserved in margin of the sessions.

A preventive approach

In acupuncture, pregnancy is counted not on nine but on ten months. The nine months during which the mother-to-be carries the child, to which is added the first month following the birth. Every three months, a session with the acupuncturist is scheduled. Its virtues are essentially preventive. "With acupuncture, says Benoît Le Goedec, it is about being in the moment, but also and especially, in the prevention of the following time."

The principle? Anticipate complications and specific pathologies of pregnancy that may occur.Preventive work whose goal is to allow pregnant women to find harmony and balance in them, and so to be able to live their delivery in the best conditions. Most of the work is focused on the vital organs of pregnancy. These include the kidney, considered to carry vital energy and reproductive energy, and organs responsible for the energy of the blood, such as the heart. "In quarterly sessions, explains Benoît Le Goedec the two kidneys are injected with two major points: 9 Kidney and 43 Bladder.They harmonize the yin-yang physiology of pregnancy by maintaining the energy of the kidney, liver and spleen. "

In addition to During these three sessions, expectant mothers can consult their acupuncturist as soon as they wish to find a cure for persistent nausea, back pain, insomnia, or even problems with constipation. Any discomfort, acupuncture offers a solution.


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