Authority: they testify

Ludivine, solo mother of two little boys, André, father and stepfather of a stepfamily, and Steeve, child of divorced parents we talk about their relationship to authority, their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Marie Le Marois "Ludivine, 26 years old, animator with children, lives alone with her two sons of 6 years and 3 years" Ludivine: "Sometimes I have to repress my sweetness" "" Putting father "in my relationship with my sons is essential: for them first, then for me.

I would like to please everyone

I know that adolescence is a delicate, difficult time when one is looking for oneself. Perhaps this important experience for me is, as you say, too little credible or significant. It's just that I wanted to talk about it. For some time, I have changed a lot. I do not go to the same people anymore, I changed my personality, for me, but some people do not agree.

Therapeutic walks: psychoanalysis invites itself in the parks

From psychoanalysis in the open air, consultations in parks ... This is what proposes Jean-Bernard Gauci , psychoanalyst and philosopher, with his therapeutic walks. The idea? Walking together, patient and analyst, in the tradition of Greek philosophers, to better express his suffering and find the path of serenity.

François Le Doze: The Internal Family Systems restores our inner unity

Overcome our inner conflicts, free ourselves from the burdens of the past to regain the pleasure and power of being oneself. Without hindrance. That's what Internal Family Systems (IFS) offers. Interview with François le Doze, neurologist and trainer in IFS. Interviewed by Flavia Mazelin Salvi The Internal Family Systems (IFS), developed thirty years ago in the United States by Richard Schwartz, a doctor in family and marital therapy, continues to gain ground across the Atlantic , where it is re

Can one cure oneself with essential oils?

Can one cure oneself with essential oils? Essential oils, used by aromatherapy, can be used externally or internally. Are they really effective? Erik Pigani Psychologist and psychotherapist answers Swallowing an essential oil is like swallowing a real bomb: each molecule contains between 50 and 300 different biochemical components.

Jean-Pierre Krasenski: "Reflexology is a natural sedative"

Stress? Clogged liver? Neck tense? Get your soles massaged! Each of your organs is reflected there. Relaxation and well-being assured. Interview by Brigitte-Fanny Cohen How would you define foot reflexology? Jean-Pierre Krasensky: It is a science based on the existence, under the soles of the feet, of points corresponding to our different organs, of which the five main ones - as defined by Chinese medicine - are the liver, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys.